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Cards&Friens ya es internacional!

La cuenta atrás ya comenzó ayer. En mi taller ya empieza a verse bolsas, cajas y flores listas para ser metidas en el maletero de nuestro coche.
Me encantaría en esta entrada enseñaros fotos de avances pero ya no tengo aquí mis tarjetas! Ellas que son lo mas importante en este taller ya están en Lugones a buen recaudo.

Andrea y yo os llevamos avisando durante muchas semanas que este no es un taller al uso.
No esperéis venir a llevaros una colección de tarjetas diseñadas por nosotras...Porque eso no va a pasar.

En este taller lo que si va a pasar es que tendrás en tu mano las herramientas necesarias para que a partir de ahora solo necesites una cartulina en blanco para poder crear.
Durante todos los años que llevo haciendo tarjetas he visto lo valioso que es el tener una buena base en la formación.
Aunque no es lo mas importante, porque muchas veces logras lo mismo a base de prueba y error...
Lo realmente importante es con la pasión con la que elabores esas tarjetas.
Desde que os hablé por primera vez en este blog os dije que mi formación ha sido con las grandes en la tarjetería, pero no son grandes porque sean Divas, son grandes por su humildad y cariño, dispuestas a enseñar con paciencia y muy generosas con su tiempo.

Se que esta entrada se publica un poco a deshora, el motivo no es otro que la diferencia horaria de una de esas grandes artistas a la que quiero especialmente por ser la persona que motivó que por primera vez me presentara en el DT de Graphic 45 en el 2010.

Esta es una pequeña sorpresa para todas aquellas que venís a Cards&Friens!! Una de muchas que os iremos contando.
Mi querida Gloria Stengel os ha escrito unas palabras, siento que estén en ingles (Abajo del todo tenéis un traductor) pero os aseguro que los consejos que ella os da os va a encantar!

Hello, Cards and Friends Students!

I first want to apologize that I only speak English, but I hope that my note translates properly in order for you to understand what I want to say. Manoli asked me to speak to you about card making, and about the impact it has had on my life. Since Manoli is an old friend, I said, "Of course, I will do this for you!"

Manoli and I first met in 2009 when we were both designers for an American card challenge blog called 365 Cards. We became Internet friends and we encouraged each other to step out in faith and explore other creative outlets for our card making. We were both growing in our craft at that time, and we enjoyed our long-distance friendship.  Manoli and I continued to stay in touch during the years since I left the challenge blog in 2011, and with the introduction of FaceBook, we were able to keep our friendship going, to some extent.

In 2010, I became a designer for Graphic 45, and have been with that company for five years. I was overjoyed to read that Manoli was teaching workshops using Graphic 45 papers and that Graphic 45 was going to be visiting Porto, Portugal, for the Chocolate Quente XL 2015, where Manoli was able to meet Diane Schultz and Jeff Filimoehala. What an incredible event that must have been! I have always felt that the Graphic 45 team was my family, not just another design team. I have watched the company grow and expand, but the core values are still the same. They treat their colleagues and design team with love and respect. I am blessed to be able to work for such a company.

In the years since I first met Manoli, I have designed for other internationally known paper and stamp companies, as well as for challenge blogs and online stores. I teach classes on occasion, and write many tutorials on my blog, Scrapsof Life. You may ask me why I continue to "play with paper" after all these years. The simple answer is that it brings me much joy. I feel that God gave me a talent for design and color, and that paper arts is the best way for me to share my gift with others. When I share my paper crafting joy with others, and see their own joy shining back at me, I am full and complete! I hope that I am still making cards and mini albums when I am very old and very gray.

One thing I tell beginner crafters is that there are no mistakes in crafting, only opportunities for learning. It is said that Thomas Edison once declared, "I did not fail 1000 times. I only learned 1000 ways NOT to make a light bulb." That is my philosophy as well. Creating art with paper is a way to express your heart, therefore, there are NO mistakes, just art. Pay no attention to fads and "what is right" or what is popular. Pay attention to what YOU like and enjoy, use the products and tools that bring you JOY. No matter how long you have been crafting, there are always opportunities to LEARN. I hope that each of you will continue to learn and share and enjoy card making!  

Thanks for letting me chat with you today. I hope that through my cards, I can show you MY joy!!

Gloria Stengel
Oceanside, California, USA
July 2015


Gloria Stengel: Bio

My name is Gloria Stengel and I live in beautiful, southern California, USA. I am a wife of nearly 28 years, the mom of three kids, and the owner of two cats.  We are a homeschooling family, having homeschooled two kids all the way to college, with the youngest one now in homeschooled high school.

I have been hooked on paper crafts all of my life. I have always loved to color, play with paper dolls, and create "projects"! In 1990, I discovered rubber stamping and in 1996, I stumbled across "modern" scrapbooking. I love all aspects of paper crafting: card making, scrapbooking, mini albums, altered art, up-cycling, you name it! I am happiest when I am making a mess! It's the cleaning up part that I don't care for!

My newest passion is designing stamps and other digital paper crafting items. I have several stamp designs currently on the market and I hope to have my own paper line someday!

I have been on a number of design teams over the past few years, including over four years with Graphic 45. I joined Heartfelt Creations and Canvas Corp Brands for the 2015 term. I also accept various guest design spots from time to time.

I have a blog, a FaceBook Fan Page, and a YouTube channel in order to share my creative work. Please visit my blog, Scraps of Life: www.gloriascraps.blogspot.com, for more inspiration and for links to my other "hang outs."

Gracias Gloria por todas estas maravillosas palabras!!

Queréis ver las maravillosas tarjetas de Gloria?? Ella me ha mandado una selección de sus últimas tarjetas.
Os van a encantar!! Ese estilo americano inconfundible me enamora.

No son impresionantes?? Cuando nos presentamos las dos a Graphic 45 como DT yo tenía claro que ella sería la elegida por ese estilo que tiene tan marcado. Yo no comprendo ya la tarjetería de Graphic 45 sin pensar en ella.

Ha sido todo un honor tenerla en este blog. Pero será la última invitada???
Estate atento!

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  1. Glad to hear about you and your background on card making process, is always nice to have the opportunity to learn from other people experience, I for sure will visit your blog and subscribe to it. Thanks for sharing.

    Andrea las fotos no se ven, dice error 403 forbidden.

    Gracias por presentarnos a Gloria Stengel! Saludos!

  2. Y quedan plazas?
    Como se puede apuntar uno?
    Como no me entere de este evento antes???? Jajaja

    1. Cris mira quedan 3 plazas solo y el evento es este sábado. Aquí tienes toda la información:

  3. Wow! Thanks for this nice present! It is so impressive to read about this cardmaking passion all around the world!!! Muchas gracias por descubirme a esta artistaza!! Besos!